New Gear Sales

With 35 years experience in the recording industry, Miloco Gear is on hand for all your audio equipment needs. As well as the carefully curated selection of new pro audio equipment available in our online shop, we are able to source pretty much every piece of studio equipment available on the market today. So from a USB interface to an entire studio complex, we can source your gear!

Used and Vintage Gear Sales

From original valve U47 microphones, to EMI mixing consoles, to 24-track Studer tape machines, Miloco Gear has sold it all! While we have a selection of used equipment for sale online, if there is a specific piece of vintage sound equipment that you're looking for, get in touch and we can help find it.

We are connected to professional vintage audio equipment dealers around the world, as well as recording studios and the world's best techs. We can source, evaluate and even service the vintage equipment you're looking for.

Full Studio Kit-Outs

We have sourced entire studio specs for a range of facilities, including our own studios at Miloco, and have supplied equipment for other facilities and clients such as Universal, Sony, Virgin, LCCM, Audible, Abbey Road, The Church, Ben Hillier, Marcus Dravs, Stephen Street, U2, Pete Townsend, SNK Studios, Matt Lawrence, Alan Moulder and plenty more.

From start to finish we can advise what equipment will be best suited to your facilities, based on what you need to do and the current market trends, then source it for you at the most competitive price available.


While you may have your own source for your studio's equipment, we are still perfectly place to offer advice! Miloco looks after over 180 recording studios across the world, and over the last 35 years has overseen huge changes and trends in the recording industry.

We can offer perfect advice on what equipment attracts the right clients, on where recording equipment is heading, and how best to spend your budget, whether small or large.

Before committing to a major spend on audio equipment it's best to gather as much research and advise as possible. Our consultancy services take care of this completely. Speak to someone today to find out how we can help with your next project.


Got some equipment, from a single piece of outboard to a whole studio that you are looking to sell? If so, let our brokerage service manage this process for you.

Drawing on our over 25 years of experience in the recording studio industry, we can accurately value your kit, extensively test it and even repair it if necessary. On top of this we can also arrange collection and transportation of the kit worldwide.

Our competitive brokerage rates guarantee that both buyer and seller receive the best value and our insured payment service takes the risk our of the transaction for both parties.

Or, if your are simply looking to sell for cash today or want to trade up to one of our new or used items please get in touch.


If you are looking for financing on an equipment purchase, Miloco Gear in conjunction with our partners Azule and Adamantean can help. . With our broad panel of commercial lenders, banks and finance companies we can offer a choice of flexible and cost-effective solutions to your business funding requirements, adding value by helping you efficiently identify and source the best option. Whether it be HP, operating or capital lease to re-finance to project finance we offer options that include both short and longer terms, all of which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.