Top Five 500 Series Modules

api_512c_angledAPI 512C
You really cant go wrong with this guy; fast, punchy with just enough mid to push things through in the mix, great on pretty much every source. Tons of gain for those ribbon mics and dynamics, headroom for days, you’ve just got to have one of these really.

ams-neve-1073lb-mono-mic-preamp-module-246992Neve 1073b
The Ying to the Yang of the API 512C, the Neve 1073b is another studio essential, and the most cost-effective and flexible way of adding a touch of authentic ‘1073 magic’ into your signal path. If want that Neve larger than life sound with convenience of 500 series this is the no brain route. Whats also pleasing is to see new features like the combi-XLR connector and variable input impedance. Neve has delivered a preamp that sets new standards for the 500 Series format.




chandler_devil_comp_05_71dcf65b96_0dc596a44dChander Little Devil Compressor
The Little Devil Compressor is a mixture of all that is Chandler. It combines elements of the LTD-2 and Germanium Compressor, as well as 2264 and 33609 units, into an all new compressor for 500 format. Discrete transformer sound and handmade quality, its 100% Chandler quality in a small powerful package. Its input control features a curve selection, with germanium diode knees. There are also a gain makeup control, a 3-position attack control, a flexible sidechain filter, and full hardware bypass.




ssl-g-comp-500-inside-900x900SSL G Bus Compressor
Responsible for the legendary sound you’ve heard on countess records, SSL’s 500 Series stereo bus compressor design is based on the legendary center section module from the company’s G-Series analogue consoles of the 1980s. Instant “it’s a record” glue and punch. If you are only to own one buss comp, this is a very strong contender.




api 550aAPI 550A
The API 550A is a true classic. It’s an EQ that’s been embraced since the late 60s, and a standard by which countless EQs have been judged. Here in its original modular form, the API 550A puts a piece of music history into your 500 Series chassis. It offers 3-bands of simply classic API equalization, with 5 API-chosen frequency centers available on each band. Thanks to the traditional API fully discrete design, you’ll enjoy high headroom, lasting quality, and that signature silky unbelievable sound.