Chandler LTD-2 Compressor w/ PSU (used)
Chandler LTD-2 Compressor w/ PSU (used)

Chandler LTD-2 Compressor w/ PSU (used)

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Used Chandler LTD-2 Compressor Description:

This is a used Chandler LTD-2 compressor for sale with the PSU-1 power supply included.

The Chandler LTD-2 is a 1U rack-mounted hand-made single-channel compressor derived from classic Neve 2254/2264/33609 designs.

Designed as a contemporary to vintage classics such as the Neve 2254 and 2264, the Chandler LTD-2 puts this powerful compression sound into the hands of those who aren't fortunate to have access to an original 60s Neve. The Chandler LTD-2 harnesses the fantastic tone and quality of vintage compressor units without the need for vast amounts of maintenance and expenditure to bring it up to the standards required by modern-day studio applications. The sonics are pure and warm, making the Chandler LTD-2 an impressive addition to a compressor rack.

This unit is in fantastic condition and comes with the PSU-1 power supply