Chandler LTD-1 Preamp in the colour black front view.

Chandler LTD-1 Preamp

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Chandler LTD-1 Preamp Description:

Hand-built 1U rack-mounted preamp and EQ inspired by the design of the original Neve 1073 unit.

The Chandler LTD-1 is a mic preamp and EQ 1U module based on the original Neve 1073 module and developed for modern use.

When designing the Chandler LTD-1 the company looked to the original popular mic pre and EQ module that improved and even made the sound of countless records over the decades; the Neve 1073. Building upon this legendary design, Chandler wanted to bring it up to spec for the modern-day recording engineer. A big task perhaps, but one that Chandler has the capability and nous to carry out. Original parts and designs were sourced, and the usual incredibly high standard of build quality was applied to achieve an incredible sound that easily matches up and adds a bit of something extra to that famed 1073 sonic. We have a Chandler LTD-1 at Miloco's The Pool studio, and it rarely isn't in use even in a room that already has a bunch of original Neve preamps in the racks.

The range of the Chandler LTD-1 EQ circuit is increased, and controls on the front panel are present for phantom power and phase. Also included is a DI input on the front panel to easily facilitate those in-the-room instrument recordings. Another way in which Chandler has brought the classic pre and EQ sound to the present day is by re-engineering the power supply, giving the Chandler LTD-1 better headroom.

As with the original pre and eq that was the inspiration to the Chandler LTD-2, the EQ section is beautifully warm and sweet. It delivers warm, thick bass, smooth mid frequencies, and fullness of tone that never verges on being harsh or overbearing.

With the Chandler LTD-1 the concept was simple; take the best sounding mic pre and EQ unit in the world, and improve it. The result is astonishing, and apart from sounding amazing, the LTD-1 just sounds "right".