Trinnov ST2-Pro with 3D Mic
Trinnov ST2-Pro with 3D Mic

Trinnov ST2-Pro with 3D Mic

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The Trinnov ST2-Pro is a powerful room correction digital audio processor for recording studios, music production and mastering suites. It supports any stereo speaker setup with additional one or two subwoofers.

The Trinnov ST2 provides highly accurate monitoring by improving the phase response of every speaker offering a wider stereo image and more focused phantom sources.  Using Trinnov’s state of the art Optimiser Loudspeaker/room correction technology ensures not only amplitude correction but also phase correction bringing your monitoring to a whole new level of accuracy. Correcting the tonal balance of your speaker the ST2 achieves a truly neutral timbre for each speaker working in the time domain to achieve high-resolution stereo image. The ST2-Pro also corrects the room by separately EQ'ing the energy response of the room widening, as a result, the sweet spot. 

The Optimizer software automatically chooses the filters to achieve the desired frequency response of the target curve, which is useful for SMPTE standards. Phase and group delays can also be defined making Trinnov’s technology far superior to any other room correction solution available. Its multi-point algorithm also allows for measurements in different position for a wider sweet spot. Higher weighting can be assigned to the most important listening positions.


Connectivity includes 4 balanced analogue I/O via XLR and 2 AES/EBU I/O channels as well as Wordclock in and out.  The ST2 can be remotely controlled using the RS-232 Ethernet IP Protocol from any Mac, PC, iPad as well as Smartphone or the optional GPIO Boards, IR Module with or without KVM and optional VGA/DVI touchscreen. A USB slot at the front of the unit allows for storage and backups on USB Memory stick.

Trinnov’s Smart Meter offers a comprehensive loudness metering with Loudness, True Peak, Peak, Quasi-Peak Program meters, stereo and multichannel Phase meters, Vectorscope and a Surround Analyser. It uses the EBU R128 Loudness recommendation as well as the USA CALM Act requirements for broadcast. The SmartMeter also helps improve consistency of loudness with unique time-code aware instruments such as dynamic alert system, advanced profiling, SNMP traps and detailed PDF reporting.