Sony C-100
Sony C-100

Sony C-100

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The Sony C-100 Microphone, is a multi-pattern, large diaphragm condenser microphone compatible with Sony High-Resolution Audio and using some of the technology found in the flagship C-800G.


The Sony C-100 boasts a frequency range of 20Hz to 50kHz and is designed to provide stunning sound reproduction quality. Using a two-way diaphragm structure similar to that of the C-800G, the C-100 provides a broad high range and resonant low-mid is an ideal vocal microphone. Furthermore it employs the same Noise elimination structure as its sibling, preventing acoustic vibration thus delivering low noise and clear sound. With a choice of Omni, Cardioid (Uni), Figure-of-eight polar patterns, the C-100 can be used for various recording applications.