Neumann U47 Valve sn.4770
Neumann U47 Valve sn.4770
Neumann U47 Valve sn.4770
Neumann U47 Valve sn.4770
Neumann U47 Valve sn.4770
Neumann U47 Valve sn.4770

Neumann U47 Valve sn.4770

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Vintage Neumann U47 Tube Microphone with VF14 Tube and M7 Capsule. Was made in 1956.



  • Non-original Power Supply (new one custom made specifically for the U47’s by Triple Audio from the Netherlands)
  • All original cables
  • Shock mount suspension


History & recordings

The U47’s have been purchased by Eli van Tijn, the founder of Artisound Full Service Music Company established on July 1st, 1956. It was continued by Eline and Eric van Tijn, who later renamed the studio as ‘Soundwise’. Located in Amsterdam. It has long been the largest and most highly ranked studio in the Netherlands, especially in during the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.

For all the recordings that were made at Artisound / Soundwise during its history, the U47’s have always been a constant.

All big Dutch artists have recorded there during those times. Names such as Herman Brood, Golden Earring, André Hazes, The Scene, Jody Bernal, world’s best symphony orchestra the Dutch Concertgebouw Orkest, to more recent names such as Alicia Keys (Album: The Diary of Alicia Keys).

Besides music, Soundwise produces a lot of TV shows for all major Dutch channels (RTL, SBS, NPO etc.) such as Idols, XFactor, various large events in the Netherlands.


Service details

All microphones including power supplies have been tested and cleaned every several years by Gonzo Audio in the Netherlands.

From all available repair and service logs I can see that the only service conducted is regular testing and cleaning. I assume there is a good chance been more done over the last 65 years, however not all service logs have been kept.