Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphone in black front view photo.

Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphone

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Ribbon Microphone Description:

The original and best studio ribbon microphone.

The Coles 4038 is an incredibly famous ribbon microphone with a rich heritage. Miloco has them in a vast number of studios, namely Livingston Studio 1 and 2, The Square, The Church, and The Pool to name a few.

Originally designed and used by the British Broadcasting Company (the BBC to you and I), the Coles 4038 was developed to provide a wide range frequency response with exceptional clarity, as well as being highly sensitive while not having any transient distortion.

The Coles 4038 is the ribbon mic of choice the world over, most typically micing up a room for drum or ensemble recordings, the natural high-end roll-off of a ribbon mic works wonders on strings too, producing a beautifully warm sound while subtly rolling off the scratchy element that can come from a violin. Over the years the reliability of the Coles 4038 has been attested to by its consistent use by networks and broadcasters over the world, especially from its developer, the BBC.

Ribbon Microphone Features:

From 30Hz to 15kHz, the Coles 4038 frequency is incredibly flat. The polar response is a figure of eight (bidirectional) and remains true and consistent throughout the frequency range. Natural sonics and audio quality are instantly achievable; the 4038 is beautifully smooth and textured.

Regarded as a setter of standards, the BBC knew what they were doing when they designed the Coles 4038. One doesn't need to trawl through pages of reviews to make up your mind on this microphone, simply have a look at the mic lists of some of your favorite studios, I can almost guarantee there will be a pair of these microphones on there.