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Empirical Labs Fatso

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Full analogue tape simulator and optimiser with classic knee compression


The Empirical Labs Fatso (Full Analog Tape Simulator and Optimizer) is the engineer's swiss-army knife when it comes to re-creating desirable characteristics of classic analog, class A and tube-based devices as well as magnetic tape.

With two channels of processing the Empirical Labs Fatso allows you to enhance your audio without the need to bring in large and heavy tape machines and outboard.

The Empirical Labs Fatso has 4 different types of processing on each channel:

A class A soft clipping circuit, gently rounds off peaks and generates harmonics, creating subtle generation of distortion.

Warmth is added by a high-frequency saturator, that softens the top end using a unique dynamic low pass filter.

Tape and Transformer emulation adds low-frequency harmonics to the signal, re-creating the sound of input and output transformers, plus tape characteristics.

A Classic Knee compressor adds high-end, classic levelling compression, and now with a new ELEVEN ration, which emulates an 1176 in 20:1 mode, with the slowest attack and fastest release.

Empirical Labs Inc have set about creating, flexible, creative outboard equipment since 1988. From the release of their first product, the Distressor, they have quickly come to the fore in the minds of engineers, producers, studios and musicians, as they continue to create modern and future classic gear.

A truly flexible piece of gear, that brings the best of vintage at a fraction of the price, weight and size!