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The Solid State Logic Fusion combines five different processors to help you give your track the final sheen it needs. It starts with a Vintage Drive which boasts two controls; Drive and Density which interact to add harmonic distortion and soft compression for subtle thickening or all-out distortion.

The next stage is the Violet EQ, a two-band Shelving Eq with minimum phase shift. Ideal for quick tonal shaping, it boasts four carefully selected frequencies for each band and +/- 9dB of gain. The first new EQ design by SSL in 25 years, the Violet EQ is extremely musical and intuitive.

This is followed by a High-Frequency Compressor provides analogue high-frequency rounding off to provide smooth and transient harshness reduction and tape-like high-frequency roll off.

A Stereo Image Enhancer uses true Mid/Side circuit to help you widen your mix, while the Space control lets you adjust the amount of Low frequency used in the side channels.

For the last stage, the SSL Fusion boasts a new switched, custom-designed SSL transformer which adds subtle low-frequency bump and high-frequency phase shift, simultaneously adding heft and sparkle at the touch of a button.

Designed for today's workflow, the Fusion also includes +/-12dB input and output level controls and High-pass filter with three selectable cut-off frequencies. Stereo inserts are also provided to connect additional equipment and can be switched to Mid/Side for use with external processors in M/S. The insert point can be placed before the Violet EQ stage in stereo mode or before the Stereo Image Enhancer in M/S mode.