Chandler TG1 Limiter

Chandler TG1 Limiter

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Solid-state 2 channel compressor/limiter replica of classic EMI design.

The Chandler TG1 is a stereo or dual-mono limiter based on the legendary EMI TG12413.

The original EMI unit has long gone from audio shelves and manufacturers' benches, leaving a great limiter-shaped gap in the racks of many a producer's studio. A gap that can now, thanks to the Chandler TG1, be filled. The Chandler TG1 is faithful reproduction of the legendary, almost mythical, EMI TG12413. Recreating the awesome power and gain handling abilities of the original that has shaped so many massive records over the decades, the Chandler TG1 is deserving of the same pedigree and respect granted from engineers and producers the World over.

The New TG1 Upgrades

There are but a few differences between the Chandler TG1 and the original EMI unit. One being the handy audio taper stage on the input, and the other is the addition of the unique harmonic distortion function. The audio tapering means that the Chandler TG1 is able to handle low inputs, which the harmonic distortion gives you the option to add warm analogue distortion to the audio path. Similar to tape saturation, such distortion is great at adding warmth and a bit of an extra character to the sound source. The output level is controllable too, meaning whatever is next in the chain doesn't have to be blown to pieces by the powerful sound emanating from the Chandler TG2.


A fully stereo unit, the Chandler TG2 can also be used as two mono compressors/limiters is so desired. The gain control on the compressor is beautifully natural and warm, and the limiter is diode based meaning that when it is pushed, it adds musical harmonic distortion to the signal. This is no ordinary compressor/limiter, it's an incredible sounding tone machine.