Grey Augspurger Solo-12 MF Speaker
Grey Augspurger Solo-12 MF Speaker system.

Augspurger Solo-12 MF Speaker

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Augspurger Solo-12 MF Speaker Description

New solo Augspurger system. Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Damian Marley, WuTang, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Nelly, Wyclef, Jim Jones (not the Kool-aid drinking Reverend ) and Coldplay. No, not a game of spot the odd one out, a list of some of the many illustrious names that rely on the incredible power and detail of Augspurger monitors to create their sound. Visit any of the top studios that record Rock, Pop, Hip-hop, Rap, Reggae, Dance Music and R&B, and you’ll see these speakers mounted in the wall, or freestanding. Why? Because they are remarkably accurate even at low listening levels, but more importantly, for their incredible power and headroom. From the smooth detailed high frequencies, to the earth rattling sub-frequencies, Augspurger Active DSP monitors are individually tuned to your room, and provide a reference standard listening environment where recording and mixing decisions can be made with confidence.

Augspurger Solo-12 MF Speaker Features

Hot on the heels of 2015’s TEC Award Nominated Duo-8 MiniMain, Augspurger Monitors of Pembroke, MA has announced the release of another new-generation studio monitor, the Augspurger Solo-12 MF (MidField). The free-standing active speaker uses a single12” low/low-mid driver along with the new smaller “MF” horn which was introduced last year with the Duo-8. Power is provided by onboard high definition amps delivering 600watts per side. Like all new-generation Augspurger monitors, the system is fully DSP-tunable to any environment.

“Given its compact size and powerful-punchy sound, I see the Augspurger Solo-12 MF as being the perfect main-monitor for LOTS of studios,” said Drew Townson, Augspurger product manager. “Mount a pair of Solo-12s on stands, even in a smaller control-room, and even without a sub, and you have a real main that will knock the lights out of any big, in-wall system you’ve ever heard,” Townson said.

The system, which offers optional subwoofers in 2 X 12” and 18” sizes, is also a budget breakthrough for Augspurger.