Audient ID22 Audio Interface front view
Audient ID22 Audio Interface top front view.

Audient ID22 Audio Interface

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Audient ID22 Audio Interface Description

World class USB Audio Interface

The Audient iD22 is a brilliant little desktop USB interface, with 2 ins and 6 outs along with monitor control.

The Audient ID22 can turn your DAW into a fantastic recording setup by connecting together your mics, computer, and monitoring. Audient's aim is to provide the best sound quality possible with intuitive controls.

Audient ID22 Audio Interface Features

The ins and outs of the Audient ID22 comprise two analogue ins and six analogue outs, with integrated converters capable of going up to 96kHz and 24bit. The circuitry has been refined over months of testing, resulting in incredibly sharp imaging and beautifully smooth top end and frequency response.

The Audient iD22 also comes with two Audient mic preamps - the very same preamps that can be found on Audient consoles the world over. Audient preamps use a class-A front end for clean and musical nuances. This immaculate preamp is a key component of the powerful Audient ID22.

Useful functions included on the inputs include pads, phantom power, a HP filter and a polarity switch for simple phase alignment. There is also a DI input for line-level instruments.

The features don't stop at the 2 in 6 out routing on the Audient ID22, the unit can be expanded using the optical connectors, that support ADAP and SPDIF. Try expanding the ID22 with an 8 channel pre via ADAT and you'll find yourself tracking drums with incredible clarity and sonic reproduction.

There are also two balanced inserts to enable external processing before the conversion stage. The return also allows the user access to the A to D converters, ideal for including outboard sources or for print backs.

Finally, the Audient ID22 is wrapped up in a very high-quality package. Audient use very high-quality construction methods and aluminium switches and knobs.