ATC SCM25A Pro Black Studio Monitor Front View
ATC SCM25A Pro Black Studio Monitor Angled View
ATC SCM25A Pro Black Studio Monitor Rear View

ATC SCM25A Pro Studio Monitor

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ATC SCM25A Pro Description

Our top selling studio monitor, the ATC SCM25A is a compact 3-way active ported studio reference monitor, with an integrated 235W amplifier, well suited for smaller to medium sized studios. The first compact 3-way inh the range, the ATC SCM25A Pro had a tough brief to live up to - big enough to sound like its larger ATC brothers, but small enough for nearfield and outdoor broadcast work. Hence the compact 3-way design. Having been making ATC speakers for several decades ATC have always moved with the times, delivering quality audio wherever it is required.

ATC SCM25A Pro Features

Using the renowned ATC 75mm soft-dome driver for the mids, a hand-built 7" paper-cone driver for the bass end and a 25mm soft-dome tweeter were obviously steps in the right direction. To make the ATC SCM25A Pro active meant installing a 235W Class A/B to power it all along effortlessly and give you the exemplary performance that you expect from ATC.